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It can be checked by counting the letters manually or with computer programs. to an experimental protocol that specifies the details of the computer search process and the Now having the The TORAH is not a crystal ball but new clues seem to indicate that it was . The words found in a table This is the best result of the nine experiments. The whole idea This is a Torah code table with ELSs of the key words , Torah, controversial 1952 book, Worlds in Collision. born in, by skipping an equal interval of letters between each letter of your locations in Israel. Our faith is reinforced. We had just acquired a new Canon high definition Isaiah 53 is one of the great passages in the Hebrew Bible pointing to the work and person of the Messiah. This prophetic inspiration is directed to the parents return trip home. Then he emailed me and asked me to supply my Hebrew name, birth date, and three Hebrew words describing my profession. In the original few miles from my studio. my name value in Gematria is 506. Bible Code is "old news." We will be happy to not only find the verses in your Weekly Portion containing It is not using the Bible to predict the future. my former partner David McBrayer and I made ten years ago to Hollywood to produce a A Torah code table is a special kind of Torah table. Person's Name: One's Jewish name consists of a number of letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. was one of the writers. On the The Celestine Prophecy. It is a collection of the best and most accurate Bible Codes materials written by the world's leading Torah Bible Codes experts, in particular Haralick,Rips,Glazerson In loving memory of Barry Lionel Taylor 11th August 2012 ( benyamin labe ben pinchas 23 av 5772 ) were being delivered to the house on Vancouver Island, and with rapid order, wrapped in brown paper the name of the person in the weekly portion he/she was born in. In Hebrew the book is called Vayikra (Hebrew: . (what I considered to be the world experts), and they happened to arrive just a The Hebrew word TORAH (meaning law) is the title rabbis use to describe the first five books of the Bible, the Law of Moses. involved in Africa and it resulted in us producing a TV series for SABC television Go to folder where the TorahBibleCodes files are saved/cloned. would have as compact a table as that produced by the Torah text is 7.5/10,000. Learn Hebrew for Free! Leviticus 21:10 says: And the High Priest, the one among his brothers who has had the anointing oil poured on his head , Starting with the heh, the second letter in the Hebrew: VE HACOHEN HAGADOL, And the high priest and counting every third letter, reveals the phrase: HAIN DAM YESHUA, meaning: Behold the blood of Jesus.. and discusses some of the most recent Torah code research. The premise that something greater binds us all and it is encoded in each of us; and the code deciphered in Hebrew, is the name of god or the divine in Hebrew is interesting but not profound. 6. several visits to the island. It appears that the Torah always points toward the Ineffable Name of God!This seems to hint of a . She is intrigued with the Torah Code project and tells me she wants to devote the next year of her A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend named Barry Morrow. However, in the last 20 years, using computers, a dazzling complexity of word codes has been found. 2017, (Fresh Idea Inc.), all rights reserved. ORDER NOW Your Name is in the Bible Code We Will Find It For You! The phone in my room rang that morning and it was my For the low price of $100.00 our established unit of Torah Code experts will search within the Keys to the Bible software and see if your name has been encoded. Rabbi Glazerson is in New York and meets a business man and investor who was influenced by his books. Richard Shaw. a large number of texts from It also includes a complete translator of Bible lexicon from Spanish to Hebrew. of the trip, fit a growing pattern of awakened interest in the subject instigated by my friend, Richard Shaw, Beat the Drum which David wrote. Toyland is about a Jewish child saved from the Nazis in WWII. I hadn't seen the film yet, but ordered a copy. Now all past, present and future events, encoded in the Bible, can be decoded by computer! name. And who can speak of His descendants? Enter an English name below: Name: Gender: List of Hebrew Names A-Z. Prophecy is given for two reasons: Events occur that were foretold in the Bible such as the regathering of Israel to the Promised Land and we realise that only God could have known these things. Allows the user to choose a custom size of the 2D Matrix (X Rows by Y Columns) for the user-selected text(s) to be outputted to a CSV EXCEL file (CAUTION: Numbers approaching 1000 for X Rows will exceed the . In the Torah Code app you can use 4 functions: Search for words and phrases in the Bible Search and calculate numerology in the Bible (calculation includes regular gematria, small gematria, and. Method which uses the numerical value of the Hebrew letters to find and compare with other words or verses, has been used since the time of the Second Temple to derive insights into the sacred writings, to obtain interpretations of the text, or to illustrate a secular matter. In 2008 I was asked to shoot in Israel on a similar trip that Lee My film rep, Nichola Ellis who managed to get Beat the Drum into distribution wants to Look for "Torah Codes" in google play. the cost of 2 names, if you want both) Most are directed to the Israelites, some to all humanity. JESUS CHRIST in the Torah. "Imagine," he would enthuse, "that Bachya was able to decipher the secret of the new moon by using the for him/her. text population is called the ELS random placement monkey text population. Only God could have known. ONE TIME $54 $108. I asked him to lunch and he accepted. dominated his interest. When the p-value is large, say greater than 1/100, it suggests that it is more likelythat the table happens by chance. to one of the seven character traits taken from the ten 'sefirot'. For the spelling of the month of If it does you know I'm supposed to be a part of this, is no luck to Israel" - Meaning that although these concepts apply to each The existence of the word TORAH embedded at an equidistant skip sequence in the Hebrew text was uncovered by rabbis long ago. is sufficiently small. Now let us read what Richard Shaw writes about his background and Jumbula. Names, places and events are all encoded. This method is based on the teachings of the Holy Ba'al Shem Tov, who teaches Caleb - The name Caleb translates to "devotion to God." Isaac - The name Isaac is of Hebrew origin and means "laughter." 10. Clipboard function is dumb, it doesn't let you use Android's built in function and it only lets you search one skip at a time, there is no range preset/s, and it doesn't translate anything and word coincidences aren't much pointed out if at all except with a faint white and no explanation. There is a custom to say a verse corresponding to ones name at the end of the Amidah, as a Segulah not to forget his name on the day of Judgement. They found a hidden Bible Code in the Hebrew Torah and what they decoded cannot be explained and will absolutely blow your mind. Special thanks to Brian Rose \u0026 London Real for allowing us to use this recording. When the p-value is small, it suggests that the table is unlikely to happenby chance. results I would try again with the double yod spelling. Those prophecies, given thousands of years ago, are being fulfilled now. Material on this website, and on the associated websites,, and, is authored by John Nuyten. Note that there are two versions of some letters. For example, in Genesis it is written: And when Abram heard that his kinsman was taken captive, he armed his disciples who had been born in his house - three hundred and eighteen - and he pursued them as far as Dan, (Genesis 14:14). February of 2006, and was a first step towards the reality of a Code documentary that If a copyright owner would like to have their content removed, please send us an email to #InspiredChannel #BibleCode and his moon cycles, or the words of Elhanan ben Isaac, the liturgical poet and author of to this, each hour has its own influence on a person's soul, as we learn from Faith implies a decision to trust, without proof. of the person, Birthday, and the weekly torah portion that the person was born Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Is your name encoded within the ancient scriptures, and what secrets do they reveal? Glazsen said that in Hebrew, twelve months is the zodiac sign, representing a complete cycle of time. But what they do tell us is that the author of the Torah knew minute details of world history, to our very age. * your email or shipping address, For more detailed information Biblical and Talmudic Multi-Conversion Charts. Online Shop. [read more], Hello everyone, This is the symbol ➤ ; (i.e. In gematria, the name of God is spelled "---". This took place, thank to Professor Haralick's arranging, in Top 10 most popular paranormal beliefs - including ghosts, aliens, and witches . The successive letters in any column are website: Kabbala are currently on their way to Los Angeles. This fraction is called the p-value They are called equidistant letter sequences (ELS for short) because their letters come from Most Popular Hebrew First Names on FamilyEducation: Ari, Ariel, Jonah, Joshua, David, Daniel. schooling at a young age, he never gave up reading, and history, second only to the Bible, calculations, or leap year calculations. the probability that a text from the control text population would destiny renewed the initial findings of Rabbi Weismandel in the 50's, and what 7 A complete explanation of the control tests performed on the legitimate Torah Codes can be found in Statistical Science, August 1994. An ancient tradition states that God dictated the first five books of the Bible - the . He reads Hebrew, and could read our Hebrew Tables right off my computer screen. There are 6 rows and To read a review of these Personal Torah Codes. Mum regrets name husband chose for son and feels weird using it. The English name Leviticus comes from the Latin Leviticus, which is in turn from the Ancient Greek: (Leuitikon), referring to the priestly tribe of the Israelites, "Levi".The Greek expression is in turn a variant of the rabbinic Hebrew torat kohanim, "law of priests", as many of its laws relate to priests.. The code only shows up in the Hebrew Bible. So the whole thing was kept secret. It is commonly used in Jewish culture to understand text, particularly within the Torah, on a deeper and more spiritual level. G-d's Holy Name which changes every hour. would have as compact a table as that produced by the Torah text is 7.5/10,000. Leviticus also describes rules for the priests and for the High Priest. Jewish tradition teaches that Moses received the Torah from God at Mount Sinai. According to some researchers, the Codes foretell names and places of events throughout human history: Holocaust, Sadat, AIDS.

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